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Sunday School offers an opportunity for the youth of our church (Pre-K to 12th grade) to learn about the Orthodox faith including readings from the Old & New Testaments, significance of religious holidays and feast days, and understanding the lives of the saints. 

Sunday school classes are held September - May following Holy Communion. 

Sunday School Director:

Susan Pappas Gregory


The St. George Greek School offers a nurturing and engaging learning environment where students can discover their heritage as they study the Greek language and culture of our ancestors. We offer Greek education from K to 5th grade learning level, at which students are placed in respect to their level of Greek language capabilities.


Topics such as Greek alphabet, reading, writing, grammar, vocabulary, religious & cultural traditions, and historical lessons are taught at all levels throughout the school year (September - May). Please contact our director with any questions.


Greek School Director:

Dr. Angela Fauth

Greek flag
Policies for the Safety of Children and Youth

The St. George Greek School is dedicated to providing children with a safe & enriching environment and is graciously in compliance with the Greek Archdiocese of America

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